Every Thing Happens As It Should

The labyrinth has many entrances and is a maze of paths all leading to the same center goal. ETHAIS is a belief that each path leads you on a different unique journey through the labyrinth of life. However, all paths lead to the same ultimate destination. Some call the destination, destiny. Others do not want to surrender a belief in free will. Free will is our choice of paths. Free will may hinder our ability to reach some panultimate destination. Someone may spend their entire life content on the path, considering that they have met their goals. There is no one way to experience life. ETHAIS says everything that happens plays a significant part in moving us along our individual path in life, which is leading us to some unknown destination. 

Your Path. Your Goal.

We have experience in guiding people along their path to reach their goal. When choosing which path to take, it is important to have a Sherpa to help you navigate the terrain. Sherpas are crucial partners when climbing Mount Everest. They know the how to avoid death while reaching the top, because they have done it before.

Climbing Mount Everest.

The obstacle in your way, hindering you from accomplishing your goal is your Mount Everest. Everyone has one or more than one. Nevertheless, if you are not willing or prepared to  climb your Mount Everest, then you will never reach your goal – which is on the other side.  Reaching your peak is just a milestone that prepares you for your ultimate goal.



We helped accomplish their mission to “Catch Cancer Before It Hurts” by communicating the benefits of their services to the public.


We helped them reach new clients and expand their market share through grass roots, face to face marketing of their products and services.


We helped spread their message of racial harmony through a national campaign, involving 50 cities in a coordinated day of celebration and racial healing.




Let Us Be of Service

Call, Email, Text, Smoke Signal, however you choose to reach out to us. Allow one of our consultants to offer you exactly the service you need to guide you on the right path to reach your goals now and for your future.