interested in hiring your own submissive secretary?

We thrive on "paying it forward" and if we can help match a submissive candidate with a quality employer, then we want to help you - just like someone else helped us.

– Sir.

It is a small world after all. Globalization is that great process that started perhaps with Mr. Marco Polo, but has since regained its prestige after a short stint of protectionism following the great.

– Rodney Stone

excess of Applicants

We have experienced an excess of applications for the position of submissive secretary and we only need to hire one. There are several quality candidates that would serve another worthy employer well. As a result, we are willing to pass along raw applications for your review and evaluation. Any working relationship that develops between any employer and any applicant is not our responsibility. We are merely providing an opportunity for like minded people to connect. We wish you all well.

This is not Business.

This is Community.

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