work smarter, not harder.

Looking for the next Lee Holloway. This is the dream job for the right submissive.

our BOSS

Our company has a Dominant Boss as our Executive. His demonstrated leadership makes us all choose to follow Him daily. For 18 years, He has practiced BDSM religiously. Over that period of time He has employed several submissive secretaries, as is His preference. He went to an Ivy League College. He retired from Wall Street. He owned several businesses. He has a philanthropic heart. He works from home. He takes care of “His”. He is our Sir. There are 4 of us who serve Him loyaly.

dream opportunity

Do you think the opportunity to be submissive in a formal D/s dynamic on a daily basis, as your full time job, is the most amazing work opportunity ever? Would you love to work in an all inclusive, sex-positive environment, where you do not have to wear the mask of normalcy that society handed you at birth? #burnthemask

Reach your goals

We are helping our Sir find His next submissive secretary. His last submissive secretary earned a big promotion and a significant raise in less than 2 years. Another one is now the COO of a company he previously owned. He mentors and trains His submissive secretary to reach their potential. The sky is the limit for the right person in this role.

How you Can Help

Are you highly organized, with an almost compulsive attention to details?
Do you understand how to support an Executive with their daily tasks? 
Do you have enough fortitude to speak-up, respectfully, to your Boss if you see danger approaching?
Are you on time?
Do you drive yourself?
Will you dress professionally?
Do you have a mastery of the Microsoft Office Suite?
Will you perform all manner of housework?
Will you be a trusted personal assistant who runs His house?
Will you pass a background check?
Will you accept firm training? 
Will you embrace being disciplined for your mistakes?
Are you already excited about all of the possibilities? 


Manage Emails and Text Messages

Answer and Make Phone Calls

Take Dictation

Pay Bills

Place Amazon Orders

Maintain Appointment Calendar

Organize Genius’ Office


Maintain The House

Order Groceries

House Cleaning

Clean Laundry

Accompany On Errands

Participate In Exercizing

Travel When Invited


Receive Training

Learn Discipline

Accept Punishment

Restricted Movement

Permission to Speak

Corporal Punishment

Rope Bondage

This is a BDSM oriented, role-playing position.

Any and all activities will be negotiated during the interview and hiring process. Applicants are applying with full awareness of the sexual nature of BDSM activities and are choosing to participate with informed consent and of their own free will. A binding NDA and waiver of certain employment rights will be required of all applicants. 

submissive secretary is a well paid position

The compensation is $2,000-$4,000 per month.

 The hours are flexible and customizable.

Supplemented health benefits will be provided.

The secretary works at the Boss’ residence in Sherman Oaks, California.

The secretary can regularly work from their own home.

Must have reliable transportation.

References will be required of select candidates.

Must pass a background check.


If you are the perfect candidate for this position as Sir’s submissive secretary, apply below. Complete each of the fields. Write 50-75 words describing why you are the ideal candidate.

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